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Bonet Houseware Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel products and plastic housewares such as scissors manicure tools kitchen cutlery and pocket knife etc Our factory is located in Yangjiang of Guangdong Province China With its powerful economic strength and considerable scale of product lines Bonet has built up modern workshops and assembly lines over the years which are mainly designed to develope and produce all kinds of stainless steel products and plastic housewares Our strong product development team excellent quality control team together with professional production team make us different from other manufacturers in the industry Reilable quality at...

Categories and Products


Eyebrow Tweezers

Best slant tip eyebrow tweezers with comb end Cute Printing Tweezer with Mirror and Plastic Box Stainless Steel Slanted Modelling hollow out Eyebrow Tweezer Fashion Gold Plated Tip Stainless Steel Tweezers Best Tweezers for women with case packing Beauty painting hair plucking tool eyebrow tweezers Pointed and slanted tip stainless steel eyebrow tweezers Silicon grip slanted tip eyebrow tweezers kit Black color paiting beauty slant tip tweezers Fashion shinny silver coating high precision tweezers Shinny coating perfect eyebrow shape tweezers 

Stainless Steel Tweezer

Hot Sale Mini Crab Claw Shape Tip Tweezer Stainless steel Splinter Remover Point Tip Tweezers Scissor Handle Stainless Steel Squared Tip Eyebrow Tweezers Large curved face treatment eyebrow tweezer Stainless Steel 100mm comfortable comb Eyebrow tweezer Stainless Steel multi-function curved comb Eyelash tweezerr Slanted Round radian delicate and practical eyebrow tweezer Professional level advanced care facial treatment Extractor Stainless Steel advanced care facial treatment Extractor 113mm advanced care facial treatment Extractor Professional level facial treatment Facial Extractor Stainless Steel Professional level Facial Extractor 132mm Stainless Steel facial treatment Facial Extractor Professional level advanced care facial tweezer Advanced care facial treatment Facial Extractor Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezers Professional Led Eyebrow Tweezers With Light Pointed and roughness Stainless steel eyebrow tweezers Stainless Steel Hollow Out Labor Saving Eyebrow Tweezer Personal Care Magic Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer 

Rubber Tipped Tweezers

Stainless Steel Extra Wide Grip Slanted Eyebrow Tweezers Double end Stainless steel soft touch eyebrow tweezers Mini sharp pointed tip tweezers Silicon handle smart tweezers Colorful Epoxy Handle Delux Tweezers Hot Sale Personalized Epoxy Handle Tweezers Smart Delux Twinkling Tweezers Soft Touch Finishing Personalized Care Cosmetic Tweezer Hollow Out Heart Shape Girl Eyebrow Tweezer Smart Delux Twinkling Eyebrow Tweezers Hot Sale Personalized Epoxy Handle Eyebrow Tweezers Colorful Epoxy Handle Delux Eyebrow Tweezers Beauty Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer Stainless Steel Beauty Smooth modelling Painting Eyebrow Tweezer Shining Colourful-powder Spray Coating Slanted Tweezers Beautiful painting easy deal with hair Tweezer Stainless steel slanted eyebrow tweezers Qualified angled tip tweezers Professional quality flat tip eyebrow tweezers 

Slant Tip Tweezers

Mini Knife Shape Best Slanted Tip Tweezers Multi Rainbow Color Pointed & Hook Best Tweezer 65mm boutique easy to deal with hair Tweezer Stainless Steel Hollow Style Eyebrow Tweezers Pointed and Slanted and Stainless steel eyebrow tweezers Pointed and Slanted and Stainless steel Tweezers Slanted end Stainless steel eyebrow brush tweezers Stainless steel eyebrow brush tweezers Gold-plated stainless steel best trim tweezers Cute eyebrow shaping tips curve boday tweezers 

Beauty Tweezer

Slanted end Stainless steel eyebrow tweezers with brush Stainless steel Quality painting Slanted Eyebrow Tweezers Fish Shape Tweezer Perfect for Eyebrows 50mm boutique easy to deal with hair Tweezer Beauty Eyebrow Tweezer With Silicone Professional Beauty Silicone Comb Eyebrow Tweezer CE qualified Heat Transfer Printing Pattern Eyebrow Tweezer Various Styles Manicure Tool Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer LFBG qualified Popular Eyebrow Tweezer CE qualified Soft Grip Big Handle Tweezer 

Manicure Set

Mini Manicure Set

Lip shape mini manicure set Promotional Gift Manicure Set Personal Care Tools Stainless Steel Grooming Case Travel Manicure Set Beetle Handbag Series Manicure Set Beetle Handbag Series Manicure Set Travel Make-up Manicure Set Mini make-up bag lady beauty manicure set 

Kids Manicure Set

Stainless Steel Cute Mini Baby Manicure Set High quality cute manicure set for babies Heart Shape PU Bag Manicure Set Ice Cream Shape Cute Manicure Set Cute Animal Penguin Shape Manicure Set Cute Animal Tortoise Shape Manicure Set Cute Animal Dolphin Shape Manicure Set Cute Animal Yellow Duck Shape Manicure Set 

Leather Manicure Set

8pcs high end professional manicure pedicure set 10 in 1 Portable Travel Grooming Kit 9 in 1 Portable Travel Grooming Kit Beauty comestic manicure set Promotional Gift Manicure Set 8pcs Leather Bag Manicure Pedicure Set Manicure And Pedicure Set Professional Manicure and Pedicure Set Travel Gift Set Personal Care Tools Professional 8pcs Leather Travel & Grooming Set Professional 8 pcs leather travel&grooming set 

Promotional Manicure Set

Stainless Steel Colourful Printing exclusive Manicure Set Fashion Portable Pedicure Set Professional Economic Manicure Set With PU Bag Small Promotional Gift Manicure Set Stainless steel pedicure tools set with leather case Hot selling manicure tools pedicure set Promotional carbon steel manicure tools pedicure set Promotional pocket manicure scissors Promotional Gift Pedicure set Leather case traval manicure kit 6 PCS Case manicure set 8 PCS Beauty traval manicure set Hot selling promotional 10 pcs manicure kit set 

Beauty Manicure Set

High Quality Fashion Grooming Case Travel Manicure Set Best stainless steel pedicure kit for women Stainless steel delux manicure kit tools set Portable window design quality 3 pieces manicure sets 5 PCS Painting Colorful beauty tools Manicure Set 6pcs Fashion Grooming Case Travel Manicure Set 8pcs Grooming Case Travel Manicure Set Nail Manicure Set With Plastic Containers Fashion beauty 5 pcs manicure sets Beauty professional manicure set Leather fodable case portable manicure kit 

Manicure Scissors

Plastic Handle Manicure Scissors

Plastic handle beauty baby manicure scissors Beauty mini manicure scissors for babies 

Stainless Steel Manicure Scissors

Classical Bronze Stainless Steel Manicure Scissor Gourd shape gold-plating stainless steel manicure scissors All Stainless Steel Small Manicure Scissor Beauty Eyelash Manicure Makeup Scissors Stainless steel beauty manicure scissors Stainless Steel Beauty Nail scissors tweezers Stainless Steel Classical Bronze Manicure Scissor Gourd Shape Classical Bronze Manicure Scissor High quality sharp and simple style Hairdressing scissor Stainless Steel practical beauty Eyebrow Sscissor FDA certificated Stainless Steel manicure scissors Stainless steel nail and cuticle scissors Straight nail eyebrow scissors Stainless steel nose hair manicure beauty scissor Stainless Steel Manicure Scissors Stainless Steel Manicure nail Scissors Stainless Steel Sharp Tip curved nail scissors Beauty New Debossed Dots Design Curved Manicure Scissor New Design Beauty Manicure Scissor Nail Cuticle Scissors Stainless Steel Small Manicure Scissor 

Manicure Eyebrow Scissors

Plastic 2 IN 1 brow groomer manicure scissors Butterfly handle shape embroidery manicure cuticle scissors Sharp and curved tip stainless steel manicure scissor Heavy duty stainless steel pedicure scissors Professional toenail beauty Manicure Scissors Stainless steel manicure eyebrow scissors LFGB Certificated Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer Scissor CE Qualified Stainless Steel Nail Scissors Full Gold Painting Manicure Scissors Stainless steel blunt nail beauty scissors 

Soft-touching Handle Manicure Scissors

Soft-touching coating round handle manicure scissors New beauty Manicure Scissors With Silicon Handle New Design Silicon Beauty Manicure Scissors Manicure Scissors With Silicon Soft Touch Handle FDA complicant Stainless Steel beauty scissors 

Nail Clipper

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

High Quality Magic Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Premium stainless steel finger toenail clipper Best Stainless Steel False Nail Cutter Stainless Steel False Nail Art Edge Cutter Professional Deluxe Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper Stainless Steel High End Small Nail Clipper Stainless steel good quality chrome-plating nail clipper LFGB qualified stainless steel nail cutting tools Best stainless steel nail clipper TPR coating handle Stainless steel curve jaw finger and toenail cutter Deluxe chrome plating nail clipper with plastic tray Professional deluxe stainless steel full jaw nail clipper Popular style stainless steel toe nail clipper LFGB qualified stainless steel power nail clippers Stainless steel sharp nail clipper for thick nails 

Titanium Nail Clipper

Sharp and durable nail clipper with catcher High quality titanium coating trim nail clipper Fashionable bright beautiful Colorful titanium Nail Clipper Pattern printing high quality fingernail clippers Curve edge titanium coating gold color toenail clippers 

Glitter Handle Nail Clipper

Magic Plastic Rotatable Nail Clipper Safety baby nail clipper Baby Nail Clipper Plastic Holder Sushi shape Glitter Pattern Handle Nail Clipper Glitter Shiny Handle Beautiful Nail Clipper Glitter Pattern Handle Nail Cutter Best metal nail culter with giltter handle Flower printing giltter handle nail clippers Shinny giltter finger nail clipper 

Carbon Steel Nail Clipper

Scissor Style Handle Anti-Slide Nail Clipper Stainless Steel Fingernail or Toenail Side Cutter Toe nail cutter for thick nails Best carbon steel nail cutter online Carbon steel nail clippers set with printing pattern Shinny paiting color professional toenail clippers best Carbon Steel Nail Clipper with Titanium Coating Color 

Nail File

Eva Nail File

Beauty Manicure Colourful EVA Nail File Beauty Multilayer Manicure Disposable EVA Nail File professional mini nail files for natural nails Foot Shape Colorful Nail File Set Fashion Beauty Emery Board For Nail Tools EVA nail file with sand finishing double sides Pedicure nail file for beauty salon Beauty manicure nail file 

Stainless Steel Nail File

Plastic handle with stainless steel nail file Delux stainless steel nail file for nail care Stainless steel double sides nail pedicure file Stainless steel long size nail file Full stainless steel high quality nail file Stainless steel double sides fingernail file Stainless Steel Plastic Handle Nail File Natural nail care stainless steel nail files Fashionable modelling feels comfortable Nail File Stainless Steel Files Nails for Men and Woman Metal with plastic handle mini nail file Full stainless steel double sides nail file High quality stainless steel nail file All stainless steel high quality nail file 

Diamond Nail File

Diamond Jewellery Series Nail File CE Certificated Jewellery Series Diamond Nail File 

Acrylic Nail File

Stainless Steel With Soft Handle Gritty Nail File Stainless Steel Nail File With Plastic Handle Plastic handle metal nail file for pedicure Professional 4 PCS manicure set 


Stainless Steel Nipper

Silicon handle stainless steel cuticle nippers Precision medical grade stainless steel cuticle nipper Stainless Steel Professional Dead Skin Cuticle nipper High quality handling of stubborn Cuticle nipper Professional High qualitydead skin Cuticle nipper Professional High Quality Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper Stainless steel Dead Skin Cuticle Nipper Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper With Rubber Handle Rubber soft handle nail cuticle nipper 

Manicure Nipper

High quality dead skin remover cuticle nipper Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle Nail Nipper CE qualified nail cutile nipper tool High quality stainless steel cutile nipper 1/4 Jaw special design nipper for thick nails 

Cuticle Nipper

Professional Cuticle Nail Nipper with soft grip handle Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers Best quality stainless steel 1/2 jaw nail nipper FDA Certificated 1/2 jaw nail nipper Beauty professional stainless steel nipper tools 

Professional Nipper

Sharp Pointed Side Nail Cutter with plastic handle Large Cutter Toenail Fingernail with Non-Slip Handle Beauty manicure tools cuticle trimmer CE Qualified Cobalt Nail Cuticle Nippers FDA High Quality Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper Professional Double Spring Ingrown Jaw Nail Nipper FDA Sharp practical beauty tool Cuticle Nipper FDA Qualified Professional Cuticle Nippers 

Cuticle Nail Nipper

Mini Hangnail Squeeze & Snip Nipper Unique nipper with plastic handle and safe lock High quality dead skin Cuticle nipper Professional nail clipper cuticle nippers Stainless steel nail trimmer cuticle nipper Long spring easy use beauty salon nail nipper Long spring easy use beauty salon nail nipper High quality handling stubborn dead skin nipper High quality handling stubborn dead skin nipper Long outside spring full jaw foging nipper 

Foot File

Plastic Handle Foot File

Personal Care Tools Double sides foot file Professional Foot Pedicure Plastic Foot File Beauty Colorful Plastic Pedicure Foot File Single Side Foot File Plastic handle mini pedicure foot file Foot bath brush pedicure nail file Safety Slide PP Handle Take Apart Foot File Short plastic handle big square pedicure file Small callus remover veet foot file Safty slide PP handle foot sanding file tool Big surface comfortable catch foot file 

Foot File With Pumice Stone

Beauty Foot File with pumice stone Transparent plastci handle foot file with pumice stone Pumice stone foot file with foot scrub brush Pimice stone foot file with cleaning stone Pimice stone foot file with foot srubber brush 

Magic Foot File

High quality stainless steel handle foot file Stainless steel foot pedicure file Stainless Steel Foot Sander Pedicure File Stainless steel foot file with sling hang-up Sanding foot file with nylon hanging sling 

Foot File Callus Remover

Unique Drop-shaped Foot Pedicure Plastic Foot File Stainless Steel Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File Big Surface Foot File With Plastic Cover Long Plastic Handle Foot Callus Pedicure File Plastic Handle Double sides Foot File Double Sides Metal Foot file Foot file with metal file in both sides Best professional pedi foot file Pedicure foot file for feet Beauty foot care foot callus remover Professional foot files for hard skin 

Pedicure Foot File

Double sided Stainless Steel Pedicure Foot File Safety Slide PP Handle Foot File With Rasp Foot Scrubber Brush File Callus Remover Foot File Pedicure Callus Remover Pedicure Foot File With Plastic Handle Best professional foot sander amope file Best foot scrub pedi perfect foot file Foot care kit callus remover Perfect wet and dry callus remover tool High quality amope callus remover Best foot buffer foot smoother amope Heel sander amope pedi perfect wet & dry Foot skin file large foot file Professional skin sander foot callus file Hard skin file for feet Best professional foot sander file 

Eyelash Curler

Carbon Steel Eyelash Curler

Professional eyelash curler with Built-In comb Carbon Steel Best Professional Eyelash Curler Copper Plating Hot sale Beauty Eyelash Curler Chrome plating black color carbon steel eyelash curler Carbon Steel Gold-Printed Gun Black Eyelash Curler Beauty Two-tone Deluxe Metal EyeLash Curler Beauty Colourful titanium High Quality Metal EyeLash Curler High Quality Metal Titanium EyeLash Curler Electroplating Metal Eyelash Curler Professional Electroplating Metal Eyelash Curler New Design EyeLash Curler With Comb 

Gold Eyelash Curler

Magic Eyelash Curler With Wooden Handle FDA certificated Chrome Plating Kingly tweezers eyelash curler Gold Plated metal eyelash curler Beauty Classic Golden Plating EyeLash Curler Old-Plated Diamond Eyelash Curler 

Rhinestone Eyelash Curler

Rhinestone shinny handle eye curling eyelash curler 

Plastic Eyelash Curler

Plastic handle eyelash curler with TPE pad The best wide Japanese eyelash curler Lash and Eyelash Curler with Comb Water Transfer Printing Lash Curler With PP Handle FDA qualified Plastic Handle mini eyelash curler Professional Heated Eyelash Curler Electroplating Metal Plastic Handle Eyelash Curler New design eyelash curler Best mascara for curly eyelashes 

Soft-touch Coating Eyelash Curler

Soft-touch coating false eyelash applicator Stainless steel soft-touch coating eyelash appilcator Best professional eyelash curler with soft rubber handle special design eyelash curler Magic Professional Metal EyeLash Curler 

Cuticle Pusher

Nail Cuticle Pusher

Beauty Clear Cuticle Nail Pusher Plastic handle Shape Metal Tip Cuticle Pusher Nail Care Cuticle Pusher 

Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher

Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover and Cutter Magic Stainless Steel Double End Nail Pusher Stainless steel double end cuticle nail pusher Non slip grip double end cuticle pusher 

Double Ended Cuticle Pusher

Double End Ear Digger Nail Cuticle Pusher Dual Sided Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner Multi-fonction Nail File With Cuticle trimmer Doulble head nail care cuticle pusher Double end cuticle tool with ear digger 

Multifunction Cuticle Pusher

Stainless steel titanium coating acne needle Stainless steel titanium coating facial extractor Facial skin care tools with safety cover Black color coating tweezer advanced care facial treatment 

Double Sides Cuticle Pusher

FDA qualified rubber coating nail pedicure pushers 

Nail Buffer

Magic Nail Buffer

Beauty Sensation Sea Wave Magic Disposable Nail Buffer Beauty cosmetic 4 ways manicure nail buffer 4 in 1 best nail buffer for shine Professional 7 steps nail buffer blocks EVA nail buffer block 

Mini Nail Buffer

Mini Multi color Round Four Side Nail Buffer 

Nail Buffer Block

Natural nail shiner 8 way Nail file block 4 sides nail buffer block for nail polish 

Nail File Buffer

4 step EVA Magic Nail Buffer Nail file and buffers 2-1 multifunction nail buffer Beauty shine nail buffers Double sides shinny nail buffer EVA manicure nail care file 

Shine Nail Buffer

4 Sides magic natural nail toenail buffers Best nail polishing buffer for natural nails 

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